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Nebulous Plasma Generator

If you want all the unlockables for Nebulous, this Nebulous hack is for you. Our team of developers has created this hack tool which exploits the game servers to generate plasma listlessly. You'll never need to be limited by how much Plasma you have again. Whether you need 100 or even 10000 plasma, you can generate it with a click of a button. Nebulous cheat tool is free and online. There is no download, root, or jailbreak required. Try it for free today!

The Nebulous hack automatically connects through insecure ports of the Nebulous servers and injects raw code to modify the amount of plasma you have on your account. It's completely safe and secure because of AES 256 encryption and proxy support. Everything is server sided so you won't need to download any client side tools. This tool works on all devices running iOS or Android (including Samsung). As long as you can run Nebulous, you'll be able to run this hack.

Through the years, Nebulous has been working hard to deploy new updates that patch the exploits we use. There's nothing to worry about though. We constantly update our Nebulous hack tool and utilize new exploits and techniques to make sure this tool stays up and running - unlike other people's hacks. The last time I checked, our plasma generator was the only one that still functioned after the June patch. Our team of 3 is dedicated to keeping our generator at 99.99% uptime.

Nebulous is a game that's very similar to the popular game, Agario, in which players are blobs that collect dots or eat other blobs to grow. However, Nebulous is that game but with a twist: You'll be able to buy and earn new skins, join one of the many clans, and best of all, the background is black. There are hundreds of skins to chose from, provided that you have enough plasma. Unfortunately, many of these features cost plasma and that's hard to get without a Nebulous hack like this one on this website. There are many game-modes you can play including capture the flag, free for all, soccer, experimental, survival, zombie apocalypse, domination, classic, teams, team death match, paint, and more. In capture the flag each team has a goal in one of the four corners. Players must try to capture the ball from other teams' goals and bring it back to their own goal three times. In free for all it's every man for himself although some people team up and betray. Team death match is where people are split evenly into teams and players only have one life. Paint is where you try covering the most area for your team. In soccer, there are two goals, each team must try to take the ball and shot it into the goal. In my opinion, this game is better than the official Agario app for Android and iOS and it's been on mobile app stores for longer. The game developer, Simplicial Software LLC, has created two other similar games including Oborous, a clone of Slitherio, and Rebellious, a clone of Diepio.

Plasma is the in-game currency used to buy things like skins, autoclick, and XP boosts. It's purple and has a texture like the planet Venus. It's scattered all through the map so obtaining it takes a while unless you use this Nebulous hack. There are special events where plasma is doubled and sometimes plasma gets a new look too. 200,000 plasma costs a whopping $50 while 2,000 plasma costs $2. But of course, you could just use this plasma generator to get all of it for free.

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